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Local Real Estate

If you are looking to purchase your first property, your next property, sell your current property or you just want to understand your options then now is the time to start learning.
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Stephen's experience in real estate will help you evaluate your current situation, leading you to the very best options and locations for you and your family.

National Real Estate

Getting access to the right real estate in the right markets can enhance your portfolio and add to your retirement. Our team has helped clients all around the nation to transact in the very best markets available, while simultaneously managing it for them. This includes markets that offer not only great returns but also hassle free service. The majority of our real estate experience has been in 7 major markets:

Salt Lake City, UT
Las Vegas, NV
Phoenix, AZ
Orlando, FL
Memphis, TN
Indianapolis, IN
Charlotte, NC

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How we help you...

Primary Residences

Investment Properties

Wealth Creation

The Real Estate Firm

At the Real Estate Firm, we have been helping families just like yours for the last 12 years. Our goal is to not only provide the very best real estate experience, but to provide the right type of real estate to fit your needs. We are so proud of the results our customers have created over the last decade. To date, our customer’s results include:

- Over 3500 Hundred Investment Homes Purchased
- Over 2200 Homes Actively Managed For Clients
- Over $75,000,000 in Combined Equity Growth
- Over $150,000,000 Collected in Residual Income
- Over $750,000 a Month Collected in Net Proceeds From      Their Real Estate
- Over $400,000,000 in Total Value Of Assets Acquired


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